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Tree Surgery

Once we have established your tree related problem, we can offer you the most suitable solution, one of which may be our tree surgery service.

We offer crown reduction, thinning and raising services for lime, beech, oak, holly, walnut, willow, ash and more. During any of our tree surgery operations we always look to minimise disruption and damage to your tree's surroundings. Careful tree surgery has the benefit of speeding up the healing process of your tree by making the smallest cuts possible. We always ensure our cuts meet the `natural target pruning` standards of BS:3998.

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Crown Reduction

Crown reduction

If your tree is growing too big for the surroundings a crown reduction may be suggested. This task can be performed on any size tree; on the whole canopy or part of a canopy.

A crown reduction will reduce risk of branch failure by alleviating weight strain and sail effect from the wind. More commonly carried out on broadleaf trees, we will aim to shorten each individual branch of your tree back to another smaller branch or `growth point`.

British Standards dictate that the growth point should be no smaller than a third of the diameter of the branch you are shortening. By working to these standards, we will leave your tree looking healthy and natural.

Crown Clean/Deadwood

Dead wooding

A dead-wooding operation will promote good health within your tree. Removal of dead branches with the correct cut will allow your tree to heal naturally and faster, reducing any risk of infection and removing any risk of dead branch failure.

During a crown clean we will also remove damaged, crossing and weak branches from your tree. This will also promote good health and reduce the risk of future branch failure.

Crown Thin

Crown thin

If the size of your tree is not of importance but you are suffering with loss of light, a crown thin may be suggested.

We will remove a percentage of branches throughout the entire canopy, right out to the tips. Thinning of the centre of the canopy only is known as `lion-tailing` and can have a detrimental effect on the strength of the remaining branch.

Also, over thinning can cause increased reaction growth. Trees that have had too many branches removed can form a dense canopy within a few years after work has taken place.

We generally thin to a maximum of 20% of the canopy.

Crown Raise

Crown raise

If lower branches are becoming an issue due to pedestrian walk-ways, road traffic or you just want to improve the aesthetics of your tree, a crown raise may be required.

Ideally, we will look to remove secondary branches only to achieve the required ground clearance. More, smaller wounds are easier to heal than one large one and this will reduce risk of infection and allow your tree to recover quicker.