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Bobcat E26 Arb-digger

Fitted with the intercamato grab. 1.5m track width and weighing under 3 tonne. We use this machine for material handling, feeding brushwood into the woodchipper and stacking and hauling small amounts of timber on site. We also have the option to fit the mulcher/flail attachment for dealing with woody vegetation in hard to reach areas.

Bobcat E85 Arb-digger

Fitted with the interlam grapplesaw. Track width 230cm. Weighing approximately 8 tonnes. We use this machine for mechanical section felling of semi-mature trees and moving heavy timber on site.

ST6 towable Forst Woodchipper

Weighing under 750kg. We use this tow-behind woodchipper for the smaller domestic works and areas with tight access points. It will chip timber and brushwood up to 230mm diameter.

TR8 Forst tracked Woodchipper

With a track width of 1250mm. Weighing 1.6 tonnes. We use this woodchipper to get into tricky access areas where the chip can be left on site. It will chip timber and brushwood up to 280mm diameter.

Bandt sg40 Stump grinder

Self-propelled , with a track width of 29” and a engine producing 40hp we use this stump grinder for removal of single or groups of stumps in all access areas.

Predator 360 Stump grinder

Manual push along stump grinder with a wheel base of 26” width . We use this machine for the removal of small stumps in tight access locations. With its narrow wheel base it will fit through a normal door opening.

Ditch Witch SK600 Skid steer

We use this tracked machine for fast moving of material on site. The log grab enables hauling of timber or brushwood. With a narrower track width of 30” compared to the Bobcat it can get into some tighter spaces on hard ground.

We also have the option to fit the mulcher/flail attachment for dealing with woody vegetation on flat ground.

UFKEs Greentech Jaguar Tracked Woodchipper

Tracked Bio-mas woodchipper with a 24”x16” capacity producing screened woodchip. We use this machine for site clearances and large tree removals with the option to track into site and broadcast the woodchip or chip into one of our large trailers for removal of waste.

Unimog U430

Our Unimog U430 is a 300bhp, 4WD, versatile vehicle that we use for many applications. We use it when wood chip needs to be cleared from hard access areas with its 3-way tipping, chassis mounted, chip box. We also use it for haulage of heavy machinery to and from site. It also has the ability to haul large amounts of wood chip towing the 14 tonne, high sided, tipper trailer.

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