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Tree Removal

Tree Removal

Tree Technique Ltd provides a comprehensive tree removal service for trees of any size and in any location.

If one of our Tree Surgery services is not an option and a compromise cannot be found to maintain your tree and meet your requirements, then you may opt to have your tree removed. if your tree is dead/diseased/unsafe or in decline, removal may be your only option.

For smaller trees or trees within large open spaces, a straight fell may be possible. This is the most economical and efficient method of tree removal.

For larger trees with surrounding obstacles/targets, dismantling the tree in sections may be preferred. Our complex rigging systems are capable of lowering large sections of timber in a safe and controlled manner, minimising any damage and disruption to its surroundings.

Once your tree is grounded, we can offer a range of services to deal with your tree waste. Whether you would like to keep the timber for lumber of firewood or have it removed is entirely your decision.

The brushwood can also be dealt with in a range of fashions. We more commonly than not turn the brushwood in wood-chips. Whether you would like to keep the wood-chips to use around the garden, is again, entirely your decision.

Tree removal timber milling

Please ask about our mobile timber milling service to convert your tree into usable lumber!