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Tree Care

Tree Technique Ltd offer a range of non-invasive tree care solutions. One of these solutions will normally be our first consideration before surgery or removal is suggested.

Tree preservation
Tree care

Cable Bracing

Tree preservation cable bracing

If a weak union has been identified fitting a cable brace can offer support.

Our non-invasive bracing system, consisting of a large supports around the limbs and a connecting steel cable, can be fitted by our team and will add strength to the union reducing risk of failure.

Decay Detection Test

Tree decay detection test results

As well as standard Tree Reports, we can offer a non-invasive decay detection test.

Where decay is suspected within a tree, the digital tomograph will measure the vibration travel speed through the timber and provide you with an estimated illustrated cross-section with advisory action to maintain the safety of your tree.

Aerial Inspections

Aeriel tree inspection

Potential defects within trees are not always visible from the ground. Trees in high risk areas may require an inspection from within the canopy.

Our Tree surgeons will climb your tree/trees and document any findings in a report.

Tree Reports & Surveys

Tree preservation survey report

Whether you require a tree report for a planning application, a tree survey to advise on managing your tree stock or you have a particular concern with an individual tree, we are here to help.

Please call our office to find out more.